Month: December 2018

What is Keno? Rules and Wagering

Keno is loved by millions, very easy to play and similar in many ways to a lottery. The rules of Keno are simple and there is a chance for the player to win a large payout for a small initial investment. The name of the game, KENO, has it’s roots in Latin or French (Fr. quine five winning numbers, L. quini five each) but legend has it that Keno was invented in China over 2000 years ago as a state-funded lottery during a war. The legend goes on to tell us that the lottery was also instrumental in financing the… Read More

Understanding How to Bet in Craps

To help you understand betting in craps, please refer to the illustration of the bets printed on a craps table’s felt. The modern craps table usually duplicates the printed left side layout on the right side of the table as well, thus enabling the various bets to be placed by more players from several locations. THE PASS LINE OR THE PASS BET: The most basic bet in craps is the PASS LINE. This is an even money bet and pays 1:1. You place your bet on the pass line before the shooter makes the COME OUT or starting roll. If… Read More

Online vs Offline Keno Play

Playing in Casinos In most major land-based casinos, Keno runners filter thru the casino calling out “Keno” as they work their way through the crowds. The player has the option of using the keno runner or going to the keno game booth to play keno. After the player marks their numbers, either they or the keno runner will then take their ticket, called an “Inside Ticket”, to the keno booth. The player will also write down the amount they want to bet in special box on the ticket. The inside ticket is submitted at the keno booth with payment for… Read More

Poker Tips

When you play no limit holdem, you can bet any amount of chips that you want. You are often torn between pushing chips which will represent your hand or maybe conceal what you really hold depending on your goal. Varying Size of Opening Bet to Avoid Predictability Betting before the flop, the usual size of the raise will be the same as the pot. If you have a two-blind structure with the big blind double the size of the small blind, the raise will be about 3.5 times the size of the big blind. So if you have a $10-$5… Read More

Reviews of Five Online Casinos

The best online casinos are waiting for you. It is time to unleash your gambling potential by playing at the best sites ever. Slots Jungle This casino has the best machines around. It has been functioning for some time and allows players to choose what game they like, how many lines of payment and the number of reels the game will have. Fresh topics like “Treasure Chamber, “Warlock’s Spell “and T-Rex, incorporate big premiums and lines of payment to the winner. Grooves of bonuses are not only an amusement, but also supporting an active paper in the game of slot… Read More

Random Number Generator Behind Slots

The brains of a slot machine are the random number generator. There are many misconceptions as to how the computer picks the numbers within a machine. One of the most common myths is that the slot machine is on a cycle which will let a player know when the machine is due to win. This is not realistic or even a possibility. How it Works A slot machine contains a microprocessor similar to those within a home computer. The processor runs a special program that generates numbers randomly which corresponds to the symbols found on the reel. Therefore the random… Read More

Online Craps Rules and Etiquette

With the enormous growth of gambling on the internet, Craps has found a new and rapidly growing market. The primary difference between playing craps in a land based casino and online, is that when you play on line you are usually playing in a quiet environment without the the noise and crowds found at craps table in a land based casino. While many players feel the atmosphere found in a land based casino is an important part of the game, this is strictly a matter of personal preference. It is up to you as the player to decide which type… Read More

What is the Casino Game of Craps?

No game can generate excitement and draw a crowd like the craps tables in a casino. If excitement, noise, crowds and gambling in a social environment is your thing, then craps should be your game. From Nathan Detroit and his floating crap game in the musical “Guys and Dolls” to the high roller tables at the world’s finest casinos, nothing can raise the mood to a fever pitch like a good crap game. Craps is a dice game that has origins dating as far back as the crusades and to an English game called “Hazard.” Hazard was brought to New… Read More

Winning Poker Strategy

In order for you to understand the game of poker, you must first know and put in mind that poker is just like having to win a battle. It is a battle of the mind and your confidence you project while playing. In order for you to win the poker battle, you need a strategy; a poker strategy on how you will go about the poker game and eventually winning it. To be clear, the game poker is not sheer luck. Beginners tend to rely on their luck in winning a game and do not realize that skills are certainly… Read More

Win A Poker Game Through These Basic Tips

Playing poker is fun but you have to be careful in playing it for you might not want to lose a big sum of money. For some, playing poker is the biggest enjoyment they could get when having a get together, playing it just for fun. But for others, it is naturally a way to earn a huge amount of money while enjoying. As poker is considered the best played and one of the most popular game, it is better to equip yourself with enough tricks on how you could eventually win. People are trying to win every game and… Read More