What is Keno? Rules and Wagering

Keno is loved by millions, very easy to play and similar in many ways to a lottery. The rules of Keno are simple and there is a chance for the player to win a large payout for a small initial investment. The name of the game, KENO, has it’s roots in Latin or French (Fr. quine five winning numbers, L. quini five each) but legend has it that Keno was invented in China over 2000 years ago as a state-funded lottery during a war.

The legend goes on to tell us that the lottery was also instrumental in financing the unification of China into a nation and for funding construction of the Great Wall. Sources say that the results of these ancient lotteries where sent from the major Chinese cites to the countryside by carrier pigeon.

While modern reasearch has found that state-funded lotteries did not begin in China before 1847, it is a fact that game was brought to the western world by Chinese immigrants when they came to America to help build the railroads. From its humble roots in the west among these Chinese workers, Keno has evolved into the exciting Casino game we have come to know today.

Rules and Wagering

The keno gamecard is a printed ticket with the numbers 1 to 80 marked on it. Each individual keno game is called a “Race”. The player will choose which wagers they wish to select from the keno pay table and then select their numbers accordingly. When the race starts, balls are pulled one at a time from a hopper using 80 balls marked 1 to 80 until 20 numbers have been selected. As each number is selected, it is posted on the Keno Game monitors that are found at the keno game booth and throughout the casino.

Players have a wide variety of wagers to select from the keno payout table. Players have the option of selecting from 1 to 10 numbers, selecting the four outside corners or making ‘Way” bets by circling groups or combinations of numbers. The player may also play a “Split Ticket” in which a line is drawn through the ticket dividing the ticket into 2 tickets of 40 numbers. There is such a large variety of wagers on keno payout tables that the player must consult payout table at the casino where they are playing. Some casinos may offer as many as 25 or more different paytables to choose from and the odds favor the house from 4% to 66% unlike the typical house edge in non-slot games of 0% to 5%. With a strong house edge keno is a game to be played for passing the time and enjoyment and not for profit. In land based casinos, a player can buy a keno game ticket, then go eat dinner or play blackjack and check their keno game ticket after the game is played. Convenience and fun is the name of the game.

Casinos also offer the option of playing “Multi-Race” keno, in which the player enters their ticket in a series of up to 1000 sequential keno races. At the end of all the races, the player may collect any winnings. Each casino will have their own rules and time limits for turning in winning multi-race tickets and the player should always read these first.


Understanding How to Bet in Craps

To help you understand betting in craps, please refer to the illustration of the bets printed on a craps table’s felt. The modern craps table usually duplicates the printed left side layout on the right side of the table as well, thus enabling the various bets to be placed by more players from several locations.


The most basic bet in craps is the PASS LINE. This is an even money bet and pays 1:1. You place your bet on the pass line before the shooter makes the COME OUT or starting roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 you win. If the shooter rolls a a 2, 3, or 12, (called “Craps”) you lose. If the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 on the come out roll, this establishes the point for the shooter. Once the point is established, if the shooter rolls the point again before rolling a 7 you win and conversely, if the shooter rolls a 7 before rolling the point again, you lose. If a point is established, the round ends when the shooter craps out or hits the point again. There is also a DON’T PASS bet which is the opposite of the PASS LINE bet. Many players consider this an unpopular (even anti-social) bet because you are betting on the shooter to lose and it is not played as often as the pass line bet.


In order to make a BUY or ODDS bet, you must first make a pass line bet. Once the point is established, you may then bet up to twice your pass line bet on the odds. This is a bet that the shooter will make the point before rolling a 7. If the point is 6 or 8, an odds bet pays 6:5, if the point is 5 or 9, an odds bet pays 3:2 and if the point is 4 or 10, an odds bet pays 2:1. LAY bets are the opposite of Buy bets and many players also avoid this bet for the same reasons the Don’t Pass bet is often avoided.


After the shooter has established the point, one may make a COME LINE bet by placing a bet in the box on the table marked “COME”. Other than the fact that the COME LINE bet is made only after the shooter establishes the point, the rules for this bet are the same as for the PASS LINE bet. There is also a DON’T COME bet with the same rules as the don’t pass bet, excepting that this bet is made after the point has been established. This bet is also subject to the same player prejudices as the dont pass and lay bet.


A PLACE or NUMBER bet may be placed on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If the number is rolled before the shooter rolls a seven the bet is a winning bet. A 4 or 10 pays 9:5, a 5 or 9 pays 7:5 and a 6 or 8 pays 7:6.


The FIELD bet is a one time bet that the next roll will be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. All wins pay 1:1, except the 2 and 12, which pay 2:1.


There are 4 hard way bets. One can bet the 4,6,8 or 10 the hard way. To win this bet, the shooter must roll a 4, 6,8 or 10 the “hard” way before the shooter rolls a 7 or rolls the number being bet the “easy”way. As an example, to win with a 4 the hard way, the shooter must roll a pair of 2’s instead of rolling a 4 with a 3 and 1 which tends to come up more often than a pair of 2’s. 4 and 10 the hard way pays 7:1 and 6 and 8 the hard way pays 9:1. Some casinos also offer EASY WAY bets that are the opposite of hard way bets since one is betting that the shooter will roll the 4,6,8 or 10 the easy way before rolling a 7 or rolling the number the hard way.


This is a bet that the shooter will roll a 7. This bet pays 4:1


This is a bet that the shooter will roll a 2, 3 or 12 and pays 7:1.

There are quite a few other bets in a craps game and if you wish to learn about all of them in detail there are many fine fine books on craps available as well as many websites that offer detailed information on craps bets, odds and strategy. Refer to our links page for more information.


Online vs Offline Keno Play

Playing in Casinos

In most major land-based casinos, Keno runners filter thru the casino calling out “Keno” as they work their way through the crowds. The player has the option of using the keno runner or going to the keno game booth to play keno. After the player marks their numbers, either they or the keno runner will then take their ticket, called an “Inside Ticket”, to the keno booth.

The player will also write down the amount they want to bet in special box on the ticket. The inside ticket is submitted at the keno booth with payment for the game. The clerk will then generate by computer another ticket, called the “Outside Ticket”, which is the official game ticket. This ticket will either be handed to the player or returned to the player by the keno runner.

It is the responsibility of the player to check their outside ticket for errors and correct them before the game commences. (Don’t forget to be nice to your friendly keno runner and offer him or her a Thank You and a tip for their work.) After all the numbers have been posted the race is over and that game is finished. Players then examine their outside ticket and see if they have won any of the wagers on the casino’s keno payout table. As a rule, winning tickets must be turned in before the next keno game commences although many modern casinos now have a “Late Pay Window”. Be sure to check for the rules on this issue with the casino. Any and all disputes concerning numbers selected on a keno game are governed by the numbers selected and printed on the outside ticket.

Playing Keno Online

Online keno offers the player the comforts of home, faster individual keno races or games and the pleasure of playing at their own pace. Online casinos usually allow the player to select up to 15 numbers instead of the 10 numbers found at land-based casinos as well as the diversified paytables found in land-based casinos. The actual steps to playing online are simple and easy:

1. Select the amount of your wager.

2. Use your mouse to select the numbers or combinations you wish to play. Many online keno games also offer a quick pick button to select numbers for you.

3. As you select your numbers the paytable showing your potential payouts will change according to your selections.

4. Confirm your bet and numbers then press the play button.

5. The Keno game will then rollout 20 numbers. How this happens visually will depend on the actual software you are playing on. It may vary from a straight rollout of the 20 numbers, one at a time, to a visual of a castle wall being hit by 20 cannon balls, with each hit displaying a number in order. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the software designers and many online games today have amazing and fun graphics.

6. After the 20 numbers have been rolled out and displayed, the screen will show a list of all your winning bets and the payout for each winning bet.

7. Some online keno games will offer smaller multi-race games of 5 or 10 consecutive games.

As always, we remind our players to choose their online casinos with care and be fully informed of that casinos rules, support and payment policies. Now you are ready to have fun playing Keno.

Keno Terminology


The Way Ticket will allow you to select multiple sets. The Way Ticket payout is less than a straight ticket


The Split Ticket allows the player to draw a line through the middle portion of the card. The player then marks their selections on either side of the line. As one is playing two games with one ticket payouts are less on a split ticket.


The 20 Spot Ticket allows players to mark 20 spots on the game ticket. This card allows players to make up to 18 types of winning combinations.


The Bet option allows the player to mark between 1 and 10 numbers on the game ticket in land based casinos and between 1 and 15 numbers in online casinos. Payouts depends on the amount of numbers the payer hits.


To play the Bet Against Option the player marks at least 8 numbers on the game ticket. The player wins when no of their numbers are rolled out or hit.


A Catch All Bet requires the player to select between 2 to 7 spots on the keno ticket. When the player ” Catches” all the numbers, they have a winning ticket.


When making a Top or Bottom the keno player does not select any spots. Rather, the player is betting that the top 40 and bottom 40 ball distribution will be uneven.


Poker Tips

When you play no limit holdem, you can bet any amount of chips that you want. You are often torn between pushing chips which will represent your hand or maybe conceal what you really hold depending on your goal.

Varying Size of Opening Bet to Avoid Predictability

Betting before the flop, the usual size of the raise will be the same as the pot. If you have a two-blind structure with the big blind double the size of the small blind, the raise will be about 3.5 times the size of the big blind. So if you have a $10-$5 big-small blind structure, the standard raise will be $35.

For tournaments, you will be having an ante for the late stages to go with the blinds. Considering the antes, 3.5x the big blind will be an insufficient amount to an ideal raise. Let us say, for example, that in a tournament you have a blind structure of $200-$100 so if you are looking at the raise it should be $700 without looking at the ante. If there will be 8 players then the pot will go as high as $900.

A lot of poker players follow this pot-size raise but you can also vary when you an open-raise. When you analyze it there are two goals for a preflop raise: get involve in the pot since you have good cards and make everyone fold and steal the blind. The second goal is actually more important when you are playing in tournaments since this can help you increase the size of your stack.

The importance of the goals though will be different as you go thru the game. If early on you want to build a pot, then you can go for a moderate raise of around 3 to 4 times of the BB. If you are in the mid position, you can go for 3 to 5 times the BB.

You also have to consider your stack size. The cards should not be that be a big a factor. You can raise with the same amount whether you are holding A-A or 5-5. Remember that varying your wager depending on your card also gives away a lot about what you hold.

Knowing When to Quit

Even the best players of poker will have in one time or another a losing streak. It is important to know when you need to call it a day and quit the session. Knowing when to stop will mean a lot for your bankroll.

Basically you need to quit if you are tilting, you are tired because of long hours of poker, and if you have to do other stuff.

How can you tell if you are tilting? If you are losing and been feeling that you need to break even then you are tilting. You are also showing signs if you have this notion that your opponents are always bluffing. You could also be tilting if you are eager to get back in the game as soon as possible.

And how do you know that you had too much poker for the day? If you are dosing off at the poker table then you just had too long a session of poker. Ten hours of poker is also too much and experts say it is better to play shorter sessions rather than long ones. Another sign that you must be on the look out for is if you cannot pay attention to your opponents.


Reviews of Five Online Casinos

The best online casinos are waiting for you. It is time to unleash your gambling potential by playing at the best sites ever.

Slots Jungle

This casino has the best machines around. It has been functioning for some time and allows players to choose what game they like, how many lines of payment and the number of reels the game will have.

Fresh topics like “Treasure Chamber, “Warlock’s Spell “and T-Rex, incorporate big premiums and lines of payment to the winner. Grooves of bonuses are not only an amusement, but also supporting an active paper in the game of slot machine. Choose between the best online casinos games with 3 or 5 reels and about 7 grooves of the reel to be kept very active.

The best online casinos options are not only for the game of slot machines that you can choose, but also the quantity of playing. Remember that to activate a characteristic of the premium or to play for a major prize, it is necessary to play the maximum of coins, it is important to recover that.

Lucky Red

Lucky Red is somehow like a new line of online casino stimulated by the technology of Real Time Gaming. Lucky Red Casino is nowadays one of the most recent of casinos online at least for the year 2010. The casino welcomes players of the whole world, including players from the United States. When a player visits Lucky Red he or she automatically receives up to $4000 on their first deposit. Lucky Red offers more than 100 games of casino including slot machine, blackjack, video poker, and roulette naming some. Also they offer all kinds of of slot machines where the players can compete against others to gain big prizes in cash!


WinPalace Casino Online is among best online casinos and honors the high standard of a casino online of today. It uses the latest technology in software, which is synonymous with high class and sure game, and offers all the games that can be expected from classic board games to innovative slot machine with big progressive jackpots and bets. If you are looking for the experience of game as good as in Win Palace, you will be going to the correct place!

Aladdins gold

This casino dazzles with several of the best online casino games for your delight and entertainment. With more than 100 games, you won’t be sorry and will see the magic everywhere. In the palace, the games qualify for the Royal series, Slot machine, Video Poker, table games, and specialty and progressive.


BodogCasino is so luxuriously designed as its name indicates, and this Casino has been designed in a great way. Visit the web site and you will immediately feel as if you have travelled right into the playground of rich and famous. In fact, you have! Casino of the millionaire is the perfect place for big bettors and if you are looking to make big bets and win big, you do not need to search any more. This casino offers high limits for available bets and also announces the most impressive bonuses and the best online casino promotions every day!


Random Number Generator Behind Slots

The brains of a slot machine are the random number generator. There are many misconceptions as to how the computer picks the numbers within a machine. One of the most common myths is that the slot machine is on a cycle which will let a player know when the machine is due to win. This is not realistic or even a possibility.

How it Works

A slot machine contains a microprocessor similar to those within a home computer. The processor runs a special program that generates numbers randomly which corresponds to the symbols found on the reel. Therefore the random number generator is in constant motion. As long as the machine remains powered, numbers are selected randomly every millisecond.

The program generates values between 0 and 4 billion which are then translated into specific numbers that correspond to a combination of symbols on the reels. The outcome of each spin is determined by the number chosen by the random number generator. This number is selected as soon as the spin button is pressed.

The Algorithm

An algorithm is a series of instructions that generate the numbers. The accuracy of this algorithm is confirmed by the Casino Control Board in addition to other private agencies. They are insuring that the series of instructions is up to par with their standards and that the player is not being cheated by the house.

A Simple Example

Reel slot machines have a specific number of spaces that hold a symbol or a blank which are referred to as physical stops. Modern reels contain 22 physical stops. For instance, if there are 10 physical stops on a machine, the possible symbol combination is 1,000 (10 * 10 * 10). These combinations are known as the cycle. Therefore the odds of winning on a 3 reel machine are 1 in 1,000.

In theory, if a guest player 1,000 straight times, they would hit all combinations once. Obviously this is not usually the case. The more spins they play, the closer they reach the actual probability, similar to flipping a coin.

The random number generator is the mechanism that creates winners and losers as well as gives the house edge. All slot machines in casino contain a random number generator that makes the game fair. The mathematics of the algorithm is beyond the knowledge of basic gamblers, but is vital to the correct function of a slot machine.


Online Craps Rules and Etiquette

With the enormous growth of gambling on the internet, Craps has found a new and rapidly growing market. The primary difference between playing craps in a land based casino and online, is that when you play on line you are usually playing in a quiet environment without the the noise and crowds found at craps table in a land based casino. While many players feel the atmosphere found in a land based casino is an important part of the game, this is strictly a matter of personal preference. It is up to you as the player to decide which type of atmosphere you prefer and choose the type of craps game you wish to play.

As we have often mentioned, when choosing an online casino always research your choices carefully and choose a casino that offers the best bonuses, the most exciting interfaces, dependable software, clearly written and comprehensive rules, prompt payment, certification by a respected organization and/ or government agency and full time, easily available customer support.

1. In craps the right to be the shooter passes around the table in a clockwise manner. When it’s a players turn to become the shooter, the player may refuse and the dice continue to be passed until a player accepts the dice. The shooter rolls until they crap out or decide to pass the dice. Although permissible under the rules of craps, it is considered bad manners for the shooter to leave the table before they crap out. Further more, the dice must be rolled and not slid along the table and the dice should not be tossed above the eye level of the dealers.

2. To enter the game as a bettor, one must first make a bet on the PASS LINE or the DON’T PASS LINE of at least the table minimum. When a player first steps up to a craps table, he or she should look for the dealer’s button. If the dealer’s button is on any of the point numbers, this means the point is already established and the player should check with the dealer to see if any PASS or DON’T PASS bets are permitted. If the button is off the point numbers, then the game is in the come out round.

3. After the shooter rolls the dice, the dealers will payout winning bets and collect the losing bets. Any new bets should not be placed until the dealers have finished paying out and collecting.

4. The shooter must roll the dice with one hand and may not switch the dice from hand to hand before rolling. The roll is expected to reach the other end of the table and bounce of the wall at the other end of the table. If the players roll is short and does not reach the other end of the table, the dealer may call a “no roll”.

5. Dice may not land in the bank, in the bowl where extra dice are kept, on the rail around the edge of the table and dice may not leave the table and come to rest off the table. Any of these actions will cause a “no roll” to be called by the dealer.

6. As with most other casino games, money may not be handed directly to the dealer and dealers are not permitted to touch the players. If a player wishes to buy chips, they should place the money on the table and the dealer will then place an equal amount of chips in front of the player. The player may specify to the dealer the denomination(s) of the chips they wish to receive.

7. Before the shooter rolls the dice, all hands should be away from the table area. One common craps saying is for the dealer to yell out “Hands high, Let ’em fly” before the shooter rolls the dice.

8. As with other casino table games, place rather than tossing your chips on the table. When one cannot reach the stickman, the nearest dealer to the player may pass the chips to the stickman in order for the player to make center table bets.

9. Tipping the crew of a craps table is considered proper and may be made in chips or by placing a bet for the crew. Bets made for the crew should be announced as such when the bet is placed.

10. There are a few strong superstitions among craps players. One should never say the word “Seven” after the come out roll has been made. If a male player has never played craps before, its is considered bad luck to announce it before shooting. However it is considered good luck if a woman shooter has never played craps before.


What is the Casino Game of Craps?

No game can generate excitement and draw a crowd like the craps tables in a casino. If excitement, noise, crowds and gambling in a social environment is your thing, then craps should be your game. From Nathan Detroit and his floating crap game in the musical “Guys and Dolls” to the high roller tables at the world’s finest casinos, nothing can raise the mood to a fever pitch like a good crap game.

Craps is a dice game that has origins dating as far back as the crusades and to an English game called “Hazard.” Hazard was brought to New Orleans in the early 1900’s by Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, where it slowly evolved into the game that is now known as craps. Called “Crapaud” (which means toad in creole), it was eventually shortened into “Craps.”

Craps is a game that involves placing bets on the out come of the roll of two dice or a series of rolls of two dice. Modern Craps is a busy, fast paced game with a great variety of possible bets. To play craps well and have a reasonable chance to win, players must become familiar with the various bets allowed in craps and how the different bets are marked out for placement on the printed felt that covers the craps table. Craps also has several rules of play and rules of etiquette that must be observed when playing craps in a casino. There is a lot more involved in craps than the simple roll of the dice.

The game is run by a crew of 4 in most casinos. There is a “Boxman” who protects the chips, supervises the dealers and exchanges stacks of small denomination chips for larger denomination chips in order to control the chips that are in play on the table. There are 2 “Dealers”, one on either side of the boxman, who are responsible for paying winning bets and collecting losing bets. Finally, there is a “Stickman”, who stands across the table from the boxman. His job includes taking the “Center Table” bets (Hard Way, Craps, Horn etc.), announcing the results of the rolls, collecting the dice after the rolls with his long wooden stick (hence, the name “Stickman”) and directing the dealers in the payment of winning center table bets. An experienced craps crew works like a well-oiled machine, directing the game with precision and ease while calling out bets and rolls in their own personal version of the unique language of the craps game.

Each round of the craps game commences with the “Come Out” roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 on the first roll, they win and if the shooter rolls a 2,3 or 12, this is called “Craps” and the shooter loses. If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled the shooter establishes what is known in craps as the “Point. If a point is established, the round continues until the shooter craps out or hits the point again.


Winning Poker Strategy

In order for you to understand the game of poker, you must first know and put in mind that poker is just like having to win a battle. It is a battle of the mind and your confidence you project while playing. In order for you to win the poker battle, you need a strategy; a poker strategy on how you will go about the poker game and eventually winning it. To be clear, the game poker is not sheer luck. Beginners tend to rely on their luck in winning a game and do not realize that skills are certainly needed to be your main strategy in playing poker.

A player who has mastered the strategies of playing the game is most likely to win the game. We list therefore the strategies and skills that a player should have in order for him to play poker at the best of his abilities.

First is to know the strategy of having strong mental skills. Remember that a good player plays poker by trying to understand what the opponents think about his card, his way of playing and the degree of how much he’s capable of betting. A person with a good mental skill tries to comprehend the decisions of his opponents and the reasons why they make them. Thus, to be able to become a good poker player, you try to play fast or slow depending on the situation and try to bluff to throw your opponents off.

Second is for you to have a disciple in yourself. A good player knows the difference between a professional player and an amateur player. A good player expects to win and tries his best to win while a typical or an amateur player hopes to get lucky and expect that luck will win him over the games. And when a good player makes a mistake in betting, he learns from it and does not blame others for his mistakes.

Third is that a good player knows the basic concept of risks vs. reward. Know that a good player exemplifies the nature of a winner where he knows the rewards he could reap and the risks he’s taking when playing poker. A good player knows how to play a slow game when the situation demands that a slow bet is necessary to achieve a high reward. Moreover, a player who knows explicitly the difference between a poker room and the outside world is a good player for he knows exactly how much he can lose without sacrificing his financial capabilities and obligations. A player with this state of mind does not risks his financial capacity or his bank roll without giving so much thought on the consequences after the game.

Lastly, a player should be wary of his mathematical skills while playing, the ability which involves the probability of acquiring a nice set of cards and the odds of having to place a bet in the game. The player understands that math skills are fundamental strategy one can use in trying to win a poker game.


Win A Poker Game Through These Basic Tips

Playing poker is fun but you have to be careful in playing it for you might not want to lose a big sum of money. For some, playing poker is the biggest enjoyment they could get when having a get together, playing it just for fun. But for others, it is naturally a way to earn a huge amount of money while enjoying. As poker is considered the best played and one of the most popular game, it is better to equip yourself with enough tricks on how you could eventually win. People are trying to win every game and are looking for some good tricks on how they can outwit the game and eventually winning it.

As a beginner, you have to be ready in playing poker. Here are some basic tips how a beginner like you can eventually win a game. First, know that your bet reflects the actual money you can lose and win. As a beginner, bet only on sure cards. Many players fall into the trap of betting much than they could actually afford to lose. To bet in small amount doesn’t necessarily mean playing in a safe mode. You are just cautious with the type of cards you hold.

Knowing when to fold is a good ability especially when betting concerns huge amount. The best players in the world actually folds at a number of instances and do not necessarily bet especially when having doubts with their cards. Knowing the right timing of when to fold is very important as this permit you to convert your money in bigger amounts or holding it a longer time. You would hate to stop playing poker at a short span of time due to unnecessary betting. The best thing to do is analyze the other players and learn from their movements and expressions as to when to fold.

One vital skill you also need to learn in playing poker is how to bluff. Bluffing can give the other players the perception of you having nice cards to place your bet. It is enough that you learn when to bluff so as for other players to fold. You can use this skill in playing poker but is not recommended that you use it all the time. Bluffing can be used only when the situation calls for it. Frequent bluffing can mark you as player who just bluff but with no particular strong cards. The lesser you bluff, the lesser is the tendency for you to be called. And the lesser you’ll be mark by other players.

In playing poker it is good for you to figure out when is the lowest risk you could get in a bet, and the highest tendency for you to place a huge bet. For beginners like you, learning the ins and outs of poker can be a lot of fun and you can eventually win more than what you think. Remember to always play at a moderate level. Bet if and only if you think that you have the most chances of winning the bet from other players.