When a player makes a hand that ties with another player’s hand and each player has a two, three, or four car hand. The next highest card is used to break the tie and this card is called the kicker. Two kickers can be used if players hold a three card hand such as a three of a kind.

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The first chips that are wagered in a poker game after a new card or cards are dealt are known as a bet. Before the flop, the blinds are the first bets. A bet can refer to any wager in a poker game, but it also can mean just a normal wager to open the betting instead of a raise or call.

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These odds don’t exist in the current state of a hand; however, players can factor them in if they hit the right card and make a hand. The implied odds consider the money that you would win should you make your hand.


Acting after another player or players in a hand is known as being in position. This carries an advantage as you get to see everyone else act first.

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When a player is making a major decision at a critical point in a poker hand and is taking their time in doing so, they are in the tank.

Under the Gun

This player is the first to act in a betting round. Pre-flop this is the player to the left of the big blinds, and after the flop it is the first active player to the left of the dealer.

Slow Roll

Intentionally taking longer than is necessary to reveal a winning hand in a showdown, or calling another large bet when holding an extremely strong hand, is known as a slow roll.

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