Understanding the value of your suited connectors

Suited connectors are often misunderstood by poker players. They are okay hands when the pot is multiway. The obvious advantage of suited connectors is they can help you make flushes and straights which are hands that can win you a lot of money.

Here are some problems though with suited connectors:

Small flushes

What do you expect with suited connectors but form small flushes. These small flushes can of course be beaten by the higher flushes and you might end up losing a good chunk of your stack if you assess the game poorly.


They can also make two pairs. These are good cards in poker but you have to know if you have a strong two pair like A-10 or just a 7-6. The first one allows you to play for the stacks while the second one is vulnerable to the aggressiveness of the other opponents.

Draws and not made hands

When the betting on the flop gets a bit to aggressive, a player with a suited connector might not be able to move on and miss improving his cards by making hands. Compare this if you have a pair which can make sets and better on multiway situations since they can go against pairs, form triples, or even a full house.

Conversely, the suited connectors though has a good chance of hitting flops. You can play them to represent good hands when the board shows low cards. When you go to a showdown, you have a good chance of forming the best hand.

Remember when the opportunity rises with your suited connectors, go ahead and pull that trigger. This way, you maximize the real value of these cards.