Online Craps Rules and Etiquette

With the enormous growth of gambling on the internet, Craps has found a new and rapidly growing market. The primary difference between playing craps in a land based casino and online, is that when you play on line you are usually playing in a quiet environment without the the noise and crowds found at craps table in a land based casino. While many players feel the atmosphere found in a land based casino is an important part of the game, this is strictly a matter of personal preference. It is up to you as the player to decide which type of atmosphere you prefer and choose the type of craps game you wish to play.

As we have often mentioned, when choosing an online casino always research your choices carefully and choose a casino that offers the best bonuses, the most exciting interfaces, dependable software, clearly written and comprehensive rules, prompt payment, certification by a respected organization and/ or government agency and full time, easily available customer support.

1. In craps the right to be the shooter passes around the table in a clockwise manner. When it’s a players turn to become the shooter, the player may refuse and the dice continue to be passed until a player accepts the dice. The shooter rolls until they crap out or decide to pass the dice. Although permissible under the rules of craps, it is considered bad manners for the shooter to leave the table before they crap out. Further more, the dice must be rolled and not slid along the table and the dice should not be tossed above the eye level of the dealers.

2. To enter the game as a bettor, one must first make a bet on the PASS LINE or the DON’T PASS LINE of at least the table minimum. When a player first steps up to a craps table, he or she should look for the dealer’s button. If the dealer’s button is on any of the point numbers, this means the point is already established and the player should check with the dealer to see if any PASS or DON’T PASS bets are permitted. If the button is off the point numbers, then the game is in the come out round.

3. After the shooter rolls the dice, the dealers will payout winning bets and collect the losing bets. Any new bets should not be placed until the dealers have finished paying out and collecting.

4. The shooter must roll the dice with one hand and may not switch the dice from hand to hand before rolling. The roll is expected to reach the other end of the table and bounce of the wall at the other end of the table. If the players roll is short and does not reach the other end of the table, the dealer may call a “no roll”.

5. Dice may not land in the bank, in the bowl where extra dice are kept, on the rail around the edge of the table and dice may not leave the table and come to rest off the table. Any of these actions will cause a “no roll” to be called by the dealer.

6. As with most other casino games, money may not be handed directly to the dealer and dealers are not permitted to touch the players. If a player wishes to buy chips, they should place the money on the table and the dealer will then place an equal amount of chips in front of the player. The player may specify to the dealer the denomination(s) of the chips they wish to receive.

7. Before the shooter rolls the dice, all hands should be away from the table area. One common craps saying is for the dealer to yell out “Hands high, Let ’em fly” before the shooter rolls the dice.

8. As with other casino table games, place rather than tossing your chips on the table. When one cannot reach the stickman, the nearest dealer to the player may pass the chips to the stickman in order for the player to make center table bets.

9. Tipping the crew of a craps table is considered proper and may be made in chips or by placing a bet for the crew. Bets made for the crew should be announced as such when the bet is placed.

10. There are a few strong superstitions among craps players. One should never say the word “Seven” after the come out roll has been made. If a male player has never played craps before, its is considered bad luck to announce it before shooting. However it is considered good luck if a woman shooter has never played craps before.